About Us


In 2009 we began selling a carefully curated selection of Japanese products to the world through our online store.
Our aim is to source unusual pieces from artisans and small makers. We look for works with cultural or traditional significance, special items that tell a story, hard to find objects and every day items with beauty.

UGUiSU’s range features a collection of paper items, linens and textiles, tableware, accessories, jewellery and books. Even though our range is diverse, each item has one thing in common - no piece is mass produced and all are made with care.

Forging long term relationships with makers, artists and our customers is what we love most about our job here.

Most of our items are designed and produced in Japan, many are hard to find here in Tokyo and some items are only available for international sales through our store. Some items we have made just for us, and all orders are wrapped in our specially designed wrapping paper.

Thank-you so much for visiting our online store. We hope you find something special here, something that makes you or a loved one smile.

Please know, your item will be packed with care, and arrive all the way from Tokyo, Japan.

We feel so proud to introduce our favourite makers to the world.

Hikaru Komura (aka Hiki)


UGUISU is pronounced [ oo・goo・ee・sue ] - It’s the name of a Japanese bird that has a very distinctive enchanting singing voice which is seen as a sign of the arrival of spring in Japan.



If you are visiting Tokyo, please come ad visit us in our Little Shoppe. Our building 'Warou Flat’ holds is a rare example of 1930’s architecture in a quaint little corner hidden in the Roppongi/Azabu district.


Over the years we have collaborated with many wonderful artists from all over the world. Collaborating with our favourite artists is another thing we truly enjoy. Here are the amazing talents we have collaborated together:

Michelle Mackintosh, Flora Waycott, Beci Orpin, Alice Oehr, Mary Gaudin, Hanna Konola, Grace Lee, Renilde de Peuter, Natsuko Kozue, Ros Lee, Isabelle Boinot, EARTH.ROPE.POT.PLANT, Good Morning Birds, Emma Cassi, Justine Wong.

We've also had Pop Up events at T-Site Daikanyama Tokyo in 2015, and in 2016 at The Boroughs in Melbourne Australia with a very special thanks to the owner of this wonderful store Alasdair MacKinnon.